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pub.cccme.org.cn is a collection of information on Chinese products of the world,dedicated to introduce Chinese products to the global buyers, the Chineseenterprises, especially SMEs need to participate in a variety of Export Commodities Fair will be able to sell their products around the world . It's information platform andfree service to promote the development of China's foreign trade has created extremely convenient conditions. Attracted a large number of Chinese manufacturers and foreign products, the concern of buyers and access.

Select pub.cccme.org.cn to promote, and has the following advantages:Most visitors are domestic and foreign manufacturers or buyers, so the site all theproducts are divided into 26 categories, each category will be divided into severalsubcategories, each product channel who will be highly concentrated Or promoteaudience. Targeted to promote, and will greatly enhance the effectiveness. pub.cccme.org.cn the positioning of the products for domestic and foreignmanufacturers or buyers service, they are more mature and know a number of products with a higher level of industry users, the use of network to explore business opportunities in China and other experts  Contact or business exchanges. Therefore,the professional network in China will help improve their image and promotion of the promotion effect.

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