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The training services provided by CCCME in the past years always follow its commitment to Serve the Members. Since the establishment of CCCME in 1988, various types of training activities provide intellectual support platforms for the employees of our members and assist the members to cope with the constant changes of international market and promote their competitiveness in the market.
In order to serve the members more efficiently, CCCME established Training Service Center in 2001 and held nearly 100 training activities targeted at the members of different types and levels in the industry of machinery and electronics, the forms adopted in which were as follows: HR management training of enterprises, forums/seminars on finance and policies of international trade, specialized authentication examination in the industry of machinery and electronic products and technical training, high-profile regional economic and trade seminars/ negotiations; survey tour to foreign countries related to the content of training etc.

The trainings held by CCCME may be classified into the following three modes in terms of operation:

Ⅰ. Seminars and Trainings Planned and Held by CCCME with Its Own Features
In order to promote the management vision of the medium and high-level management of the members and enhance their international competitiveness, various types and levels of seminars and trainings on international trade are planed and organized aiming at the issues and difficulties existing in the development and market exploitation of the members through timely tracking some vital points and hot topics in international trade, the forms of which include:
1. Report Symposium on Economic Situation of China;
2. Promotion Symposium on International Trade Policies of China;
3. Annual Information Meeting;
4. Training Class of Preferential policies of Machinery and Electronic Products;
5. Training on Practices of International Trade of Enterprises
6. Survey Tour to Markets of Foreign Countries

Ⅱ. Seminars on Exploitation of International Market Entrusted by the Government and Organized by CCCME
Through cooperation with such government departments as MOFCOM, CCCME has successfully held a number of seminars and trainings on exploitation of international markets, such as Seminar on Exploitation of West Asian-African Market, Seminar on Indian Market, Seminar on Malaysian and SEAN Market, Introductory Conference on South Korean Market and Seminar on Latin American Market

Ⅲ. Seminars and Trainings Co-held by CCCME and Foreign Counterparts
1. Projects co-held by foreign counterparts and CCCME, including Training Class for Senior Managers of International Project Management in the Power Industry and project management surveys and trainings in foreign countries pertaining to the training, which was conducted by CCCME and D-IHK and financed by Asian Invest of EU; Sino-Europe Auto & Parts Seminar etc.
2. Projects co-held by foreign training agencies and CCCME, including those completed by InWent and CCCME and those by GTZ and CCCME, in which some celebrated foreign lawyers were invited to conduct trainings on economic laws and business negotiation skills.
3. Projects co-held by foreign enterprises and CCCME, including Seminar on International Financial Policies co-held by HSBC; Training on Trademark and Protection of IPR aiming at the employees of domestic enterprises participating in international exhibitions.