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Hangzhou Huari Refrigerator Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Huari Appliances Co., Ltd is the branch company of the Zhejiang Huari Industry Investment Co., Ltd and the new manufacture base is located in Dongzhou district of Fuyang, Hangzhou city, covers an area of 290,000 square meters, which has more than 2 millions annual production capacity of refrigeration products. Huari Appliance Fuyang base is the " No.1 project " of Hangzhou government. As the highest level of refrigeration comprehensive base in current household appliances, Huari new base is equipped with International advanced technology production equipment, personalized intelligent production management system, and the national testing laboratory.The whole process is automatic selection and automatic distinction from the raw materials inputing to finished refrigerator storing, which is really realized production automation, intelligence and flexibility ,can produce more high-performance and high value products. "Huari" is largest overseas Chinese industrial enterprises, home appliance refrigeration industry key enterprises in China home appliance refrigeration industry,the national customer satisfaction enterprises, the implementation of high-performance mode of advanced enterprises, "Chinas industrial vanguard" enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang credit management demonstration enterprises and "Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises", so far more than 30 years of professional refrigeration history. Huari new products such as side by side series, multi-door series and french doors series have been over 70%, such as luxury 580 liters side by side door refrigerator, 418 liters multi-door intelligent refrigerator, 330 liter no frost intelligent refrigerator, 316 liter no frost frequency conversion refrigerators and so on. These medium and high products not only have the fashionable apperance, but also have combined the smart control patent, no-frost , zero freshness, frequency conversion, Internet control and other advanced technology. 3-star storage, refined copper production, ultra-thick heat preservation and energy efficiency is the biggest advantage of Huari chest freezer.  From the year of 2019, the new products focused on details, large-scale use of the no board door, U shell box and other Seiko skills, which makes the appearance of the Huari products more luxury, the process is more superb. The consumers have a fresh life at the same time more enjoy the quality of life. In the future, Huari will develop further on Fuyang new base. To innovation as the driving force, focus on improving the professional ability, comprehensive transformation and upgrading, promoting intelligent manufacturing and personalized management mode, to create a new high-tech home appliances refrigeration base and open a new chapter in the development of china.

Chest Freezer,Household electrical appliances,Mini-bar,Refrigerators,Refrigerators and Freezers

Huari BC-91 91L mini direct cooling single door refrigerator

Huari BCD-580WHDB 580L no frost intelligent side by side refrigerator

Huari BC/BD-161AYE 161L fridge and freezer temperature transfer glass panel chest freezer

Huari BCD-193LDC 193L double temperature fridge and freezer home use chest freezer

Huari BCD-108ADT 108L fridge and freezer temperature transfer home use chest freezer

Huari BC/BD-206AFB 206L fridge and freezer temperature transfer home use chest freezer

Huari BCD-461WDEH no frost frequency cross door refrigerator

Huari BC-45AFA mini direct cooling single door refrigerator

Huari BCD-276LYE 276L direct cooling wide glass double door refrigerator

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