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Smart Energy, Dynamic Online Businesses, That is our mission. China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) was founded in Beijing, China in 1978. CMEC was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 21st, 2012. China Machinery Engineering Wuxi Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. On the basis of original R&D and manufacturing of mechanical equipment, CMEC Wuxi vigorously expands new energy, new building materials, Easy-trade, Euro M.E.C. overseas warehouse platform. They create a solid foundation for the company, which then enabled faster, newer and higher development. New Energy With the brand of "CMEC new energy" and relying on strong strength and platform of CMEC, We have the ability of core product manufacturing, PV technology R&D and engineering solution. It can provide PV technology guidance, product service and solution for various fields, which integrates excellent product manufacturing, system integration, engineering contracting, operation and maintenance services into one. Since 2003, the company has been focusing on the off grid solar energy application field, based on Wuxi Taichang Electronic Co., Ltd.,, a holding subsidiary, as the production and R & D base, providing solar power solutions and PV system products for Asian, African, European and American countries. The products have been achieved TUV, CSA, CQC and other certifications. In 2013, the company established a PV engineering team to develop and undertake residential roofs, industrial and commercial roofs, ground distributed PV power stations and energy storage power stations, with three-level qualification of general contracting for power engineering construction, and three-level qualification of professional contracting for urban and road lighting engineering. CMEC Wuxi has its own lighting brand Bestyle. After more than 20 years of practice and development, it has gradually grown from a specialized high-quality production service provider to a partner covering engineering lighting design, lighting supporting and comprehensive supporting services. The company provides the best one-stop service for lighting engineering design, selection, transportation, installation, and after-sales at home and abroad. New Building Materials CMEC Wuxi has set up a new building material sector. Its own brand "Eonstar" is famous for its excellent quality of environmental protection, simple installation and so on. It provides you with a variety of floor solutions. The main products are SPC flooring, Fireproof Wood flooring and Wood Veneer SPC flooring. In the past few years “Eonstar” has successfully entered large building materials supermarkets in the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Philippines,etc meanwhile became one of the major suppliers for some famous brands. We keep up with the development trend of the flooring, grasp the pulse of the market, strictly control product quality, optimize the industrial chain, and bring you high-quality and all-round experience. Wuxi Easy-Trade As one of the first batch of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises in Wuxi, Easy-trade strives to build a foreign trade comprehensive service platform. Based on internet technology and modularized software, Easy-trade offers one-stop services such as customs clearance and tax rebate, foreign exchange, logistics, credit insurance, finance and so on. It integrates those decentralized supply chain resources to greatly improve customs clearance efficiency, reduce foreign investment costs and solve the financing problem for the majority of foreign trade enterprises. Euro M.E.C. GmbH Euro M.E.C. GmbH cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouse is located in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state which is the centre of Germany-France-Netherland-Belgium-Luxemburg economic circle. The company office building covers an area of approximate ten thousand square meters. It was rated as "Jiangsu provincial public overseas warehouse" in 2019. Euro M.E.C. GmbH overseas warehouse is committed to helping Chinese companies expand into the international market. Our services include legal advice, equity investment, expanding plan, customer relationship maintaining and supply chain management. Here, you can set up logistics distribution center, exhibition and sales center, purchasing center and after-sales service center, which will become the incubator for your creation and realization. CMEC Wuxi has gathered a group of young talents who are in line with the international standards to master the latest industry information at any time. Through professional planning and business training, it has helped them improve their professional skills and formed a powerful and skilled elite team. CMEC Wuxi has adhered to the concept of a win-win collaboration with a dedication to the global market by providing quality products and services, helping customers create maximum value. CMEC Wuxi is willing to join hands with you to create a bright future for the new energy world and jointly push CMEC to a more brilliant future.
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GU10/MR16 Track Light

LED wall/step light

pendant lamp/ single head

down light

ceiling lamp

LED Track Light

LED recessed spotlight

LED Ceiling Light

LED underground light

LED Flood light

11-12/FL.JINHE Bldg., 1008 jiefangeast Rd., WUXI, P.R.CHINA
Manufacturer,Engineering Contracting Company
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