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Foreign Engineering Contracting

Foreign Engineering Contracting

Machine tools and Tools

Machine tools and Tools

  • Products:Lifting up jack used easily. We are the manufacturer of follow lifting tools: spring balancer, roller skids, hydraulic toe jack, fluid caster, permanent magnetic lifter and so on material handling tools. Our products, especially spring balancer, roller skids, toe jack, fluid caster, permanent

  • Products:China Bronze Casting Bushing. investment casting, sand casting, steel casting, iron casting, die forging, hot forging, bronze casting, aluminum casting, zinc casting, die casting, precision machining ? Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd Baoding Guokun Export and Import Trading

  • Products:Paper board flatbed sample maker cutting machine. sample maker cutting machine,paper sample cutting machine,corrugated sample cutting machine,foam sample cutting machine,cutter plotter,xboard sample cutting machine,etc. Rolling Mill sample maker cutting machine

  • Products:DSHD-5208 Rapid Closed Cup Flash Point Tester. Petroleum instruments: (Flash point tester, Kinematic viscometer, Distilation Instruments, Solidifying point tester, Engler viscometer etc) Highway instruments:(Penetrometer, Ductility tester, Softening point tester,Asphalt wax content tester, Wheel

  • Products:yuebaiku. 手动工具 电动工具 气动工具 机械及工业制品 ?天津开山螺杆空压机 悦百库机械 P 15620151686 同等功率 压力下产气量大于其他空压机 节能 省电 企业好帮手 悦百库机械 QQ 1392297237

  • Products:Refrigeration compressor QDZH30G. refrigerator compressor,DC compressor ? Refrigerant ? R134a Application ? LBP Model ? QDZH30G Displacement Cm 3 3.0 Rotate speed rpm 2000/2500/3000/3500 -23.3℃ Ashrae Capacity w 51.6/63.6/74.4/86.4 Kcal/h 44.6/55.0/64.3/74.7 Btu/h 176.0/217.0/254.0/295.0

  • Products:Copeland Scroll compressor 8-15HP apply to cooling stage refrigeration equipment supply for Asia. compressors , refrigerants, cooling mechanical equipments ? Number Models Horsepower Weight(Kg) 8 ZB58KQE-TFD-524 8HP 60 9 ZB66KQ-TFD-524 9HP 60 10 ZB66KQE-TFD-524 9HP 60 11 ZB76KQ-TFD-524 10HP 65

  • Products:Energy-saving Oilless Air Compressor10B9. Air compressor Performance characteristics: Energy-saving oil free air compressor is a new generation of electromechanical integration products, the host adopted high-speed motor, totally enclosed, dustproof, and other advanced structure, use without any

  • Products:Ring Blower (LD 055 H43 R18). side channel blower,regenerative blower,air blower,ring blower,vacuum pump,turbo blower,radial blower,medium pressure blower Our?Application: 1.vacuum?application, C entral?vacuum?system,pneumatic?tube?system, industrial?vacuum?cleaner,vacuum?lifting?system

  • Products:Marine low presser piston type air compressor. FIFI system,Fire pump,Life jacket,Life boat,Diesel Engine,Marine deck equipment,Marine water treatment plant, Marine life saving equipment, Marine fire fighting equipment, Marine mooring equipment, Bow thruster,Personal fire fighting equipment. Marine

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