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International Working Mechanisms

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CICA Business Council

CICA Business Council is the economic/trade cooperation promotion organization jointly initiated by the heads of CICA Member States during the 4th Summit in Shanghai. It is composed of representatives from business and public organization of CICA Member States. The focus of CICA Business Council is to promote cooperation among regional SMEs, trade facilitation, financial/investment cooperation, infrastructure cooperation through various trade promotion activities to expand collaboration among its Member States in the fields of government sectors, industry organizations, financial institutions, research institutes, and mass media. CICA Business Council aims to promote multilateral economic /trade cooperation, enhance trade/investment facilitation and build up cooperation platform for enterprises.

Mr. ZHANG Yujing, President of CCCME, was nominated as Chairman of CICA Business Council. CICA Business Council Chairman Office is in CCCME.

China Russia Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronic Products

Since its founding in 2007 on the initiative of Chinese and Russian heads of state, China Russia Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electric Products(CRCCME) is consistently committed to the extension of bilateral trade products and optimization of bilateral trade structure, thus ultimately deepening China-Russia Strategic and Cooperative Partnership in an all-around way.

The major sectors of CRCCME’s business are aviation, energy machinery, shipbuilding, general machinery, communication equipment, auto making, home appliance electronics, high-tech, construction, etc. CRCCME Chinese Secretariat is in CCCME.

China Provinces and US States Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment Cooperation

The China-US Joint Working Group of Province-State Cooperation was initiated by Mr. Brown, Governor of the California State, in his meeting with the Chinese Vice President H.E. Xi Jinping in Xi’s official visit to the United States in February 2012, aiming at boosting bilateral trade and investment. Since the year 2012, China’s Ministry of Commerce took the very first lead in establishing China provinces and US States joint working group on trade and investment. So far, seven working groups have been set up, linking 25 Chinese provinces and municipalities to the U.S. states of California, Iowa, Texas, Michigan and Washington as well as the city of Chicago. CCCME serves as the Chinese Secretariat of China-California and China-Michigan JWG, making continuous efforts to optimize the communicative channels and to strengthen industrial dialogues, thus making substantial efforts to promote China-US economic relations.

Chinese German Economic Advisory Committee

When Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Germany in May 2013, the two countries jointly announced the establishment of Chinese German Economic Advisory Committee, aiming at building channels for leaders and economic circles to communicate directly and becoming a high-end platform for enterprises, associations and think tanks of the two countries to offer advice and suggestions and jointly discuss the future of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Proposed by the Committee, two joint working groups have been set up, with CCCME as the Chinese Secretariat of the innovative cooperation working group. CCCME will do its utmost to promote the bilateral exchange in machinery and electronic fields.

Business Forum of China-Italy

In order to promote the trade cooperation between China and Italy in the fields of trade, investment, technology, tourism and so on, under the support of Chinese and Italian government, Business Forum Italy-China (BFIC) is founded on the basis of MOU in 2014.

In the Inaugurating Ceremony, Bank of China is appointed as Chinese Chairmanship, and Pirelli is appointed as Italian Chairmanship later. Genertec, COSCO, HUAWEI and other 11 companies are appointed as board companies. BFIC Chinese Secretariat is in CCCME, and Italian Secretariat is in ICE and CONFINDUSTRIA.

China-Finland Committee for Innovative Business Cooperation

China-Finland Committee for Innovative Business Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “Enterprise Committee”) is a cooperation & communication platform established under Joint Declaration between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Finland on Establishing and Promoting the Future-oriented New-type Cooperative Partnership?signed by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China?and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of the Republic of Finland on?behalf of the two governments during President Xi Jinping’s visit in Finland in April ?2017. The Enterprise Committee is aimed at strengthening regular dialogues?and cooperation?in economic?areas between the two countries, promoting innovation and?cooperation between Chinese and Finnish enterprises, studying new ways of innovation and?cooperation between two countries, putting forward policy suggestions for deepening innovation and?cooperation in areas of science, technology,economy and trade of the two countries, and establishing a communication platform for the enterprises of the two countries to carry out innovation and?cooperation. The secretariat in China shall be set up in China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products and the secretariat in Finland shall be set up in Confederation of Finnish Industries and Business Finland.