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Catalogs of Chinese Suppliers

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The Catalogs of “Chinese Suppliers” are a series of English catalogs showcasing high-quality members recommended by CCCME in the relevant industries, with their products and contact information introduced. Up to now, there are 10 industries covered, such as Information Products, Household Electronic Appliances, Automobiles and Accessories, Constructional and Agricultural Machinery, Machine Tools, Mechanical, Solar energy & Photovoltaic, Hardware Tools ,Fluid Machinery and Shipping.

You can get the Catalogs in many ways: The print versions can be found in many global key machinery and electronic fairs, Canton Fairs in China and all the foreign related activities organized by CCCME. Electronic versions can be found in the website of CCCME and got from Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Offices of China around the world, as well as some of the foreign associations cooperated with CCCME.