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The 122nd Canton Fair Held In October

Publish Time:2017-10-31 00:00:00 Source:CCCME
On the morning of October 15, the first phase of the 122nd Canton Fair was launched. Accompanied by CCCME Vice President Shi Yonghong, Vice Minister of Commerce of PRC Wang Shouwen had a VIP tour in exhibiting sections of household appliances and new energy products. Mr. Wang Shouwen visited booths of Risen Energy, Haier Group and enquired such questions as the product innovation, the protection of intellectual property rights, and challenges of enterprise transformation and upgrading so as to better grasp the overall picture of the foreign trade.  
Since the year of 1994, CCCME has been designated as the organizer the Machinery and Electronic Pavilion, undertaking the verification of exhibitors’ qualification, assessment of brand booths, data analysis, IPR protection, and inviting buyers. CCCME strives for creating more trading opportunities for enterprises through the platform of Canton Fair, whose work has been widely recognized and praised by the enterprises and Canton Fair organizer.

The general situation of 122nd Canton Fair 




The number and quality of overseas buyers both increased this session. Buyer attendance totaled 191,950 from 213 countries (regions), up by 3.36% over the 120th session.
In terms of buyer attendance of all continents in descending order, the number of buyers from Asia totaled 106,565, taking up 55.52% of the total; Europe 36,847, accounting for 19.02%; Americas 27,861, accounting for 14.51%; Africa 14,381 with 7.49% share, and Oceania 6,296 with 3.28% share.

Buyer attendance of all continents experienced growth. Compared with the 120th session, buyer attendance from Asia increased by 1.7%, from Europe increased by 4.21%, Americas up by 6.37%, Africa up by 4.48%, and Oceania up by 12.33%.

Buyer attendance from China’s top 10 trading partner countries and regions in 2016 accounted for 61.79% of the total. The number of buyers from countries in the “Belt and Road Initiative” stood at 84,445, up by 3.48%.
Buyer attendance of the top 20 countries and regions accounted for 60.91% of the total. The top 10 countries and regions in terms of buyer attendance are Hong Kong, the United States, Thailand, India, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan Province, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia.

Altogether 1,086 international chain companies attended the Fair. 104 out of the Top 250 Global Retailers in 2017 attended the Fair. Among them there were 8 of the Top 10 retailers: Wal-Mart, Kroger, Walgreen, Home Depot, Carrefour, Aldi, Tesco, and Amazon. 8 multinational companies from 6 countries signed up for the Multinational Sourcing Service, including Auchan Retail (France), Kesko Group (Finland), Taurus Group (Spain), Staples (the US), Harbor Freight (the US), Lifetime Brands (the US), Kawan Lama Group (Indonesia) and Lock& Lock (South Korea).

Regular buyers with more than 10 times’ attendance totaled 50,036, up by 2.46%; buyers with more than 15 times’ attendance 36,597, up by 4.22%.

Buyer attendance proportion in terms of their business line is: (top five) electronics and household electrical appliances accounting for 38.96% of the total, daily consumer goods 31.03%, home decorations 28.54%, gifts 27.15%, and textile and garment 25.23%.

This session witnessed stabilizing growth of the export transaction and accelerated steps made by companies to adjust their structure and transform growth engine. The accumulated export transaction of this session totaled 198.652 billion RMB Yuan (or 30.16 billion US dollars), an increase of 8.2 % over the 120th session (same below).

Machinery and electrical products enjoyed the highest transaction, at 15.91 billion USD, up by 5.4% and accounting for 52.7%; transaction volume of light industrial products stood at 8 billion USD, up by 11% and accounting for 26.5% of the total; textile and garment 1.74 billion USD, up by 6.8% and accounting for 5.8%.

The transaction volume in brand zone reached 10.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 13.6%, accounting for 35.8% of the total.

The transaction with the “Belt and Road” countries totaled 9.37 billion dollars, a year-on-year increase of 13.6% and accounting for 31.1% of the total.

Of all orders, the proportion of mid- and short-term orders was high while that of long-term orders was low. 43.5% are short-term orders within 3 months, 36.9% are mid-term orders covering 3-6 months and 19.6% are long-term orders over 6 months.

In this session, exhibitors focused on the supply side and stepped up their product R&D investment, led industrial transformation and upgrading with innovation, increased their product update ratio, and developed new brands. Products that were smart, premier, custom-made and green and low carbon were very popular, showing to the world the competitiveness of China’s smart manufacturing and Chinese brands. In the meanwhile, more and more exhibitors started to explore “Belt & Road” markets while consolidating their traditional markets, develop products that meet the market demands based on the market characteristics, build R&D centers, production bases and marketing channels in B&R countries, develop industrial clusters that meet the demand of local industrial upgrading, thus drove the smooth trade and win-win development between China and countries along the route.