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CCCME Successfully Holds Zhejiang Export Online Fair (CEEC Machinery and Electronic Session)

Publish Time:2020-05-21 00:00:00 Source:CCCME

On May 18 and 19, 2020, CCCME successfully organized Zhejiang Export Online Fair (CEEC Machinery and Electronic Session). This event is aimed at helping Chinese companies develop the international market in the current difficult situation affected by COVID-19 and assisting them in building reliable relationship and cooperation with overseas purchasers. The online fair was hosted by Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and co-organized by CCCME, Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation,and Zhejiang Zhongzhe International Exhibition Company. Under great support of Romania-Chinese House (Harghita County), Hgarian Chinese Chamber of Economy, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rasina Administrative District, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republika Srpska, Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a total of 20 buyers from eastern Europe and 30 Chinese suppliers participated in the event. The industries covered mechanical and electrical, hardware, building materials and chemical industry and other fields.

During the fair, enterprises from both sides conducted positive face-to-face communication online and reached many cooperation intentions, which opened the channel for further offline trade. The effect of the Online Fair was highly recognized by all the participants.