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1GB DDR2 RAM Memory Bank

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1GB DDR2 RAM memory bank
Frequency: DDR2-667MHz
Capacity of memory: 1GB
U-DIMM PCB: 133.35MM*30.0MM*33*1.27M

1GB DDR2 RAM memory bank:
Frequency: DDR2-667MHz
Capacity of memory: 1GB
U-DIMM PCB: 133.35MM*30.0MM*33*1.27MM
Working voltage: 1.8V± 0.1V

1)DDR2 667MHz
2)240 pin socket type dual in line memory module (DIMM)
3)1.8V± 0.1V power supply
4)Double data rate architecture, two data transfer per clock
5)Bi-directional, datd strobe (DQS) is transmitted/received with data, to be used in capturing data at the receiver
6)Data inputs and outputs are synchronized with DQS
7)DQS is edge aligned with data for READS, center aligned with datd for WRITES
8)different clock inputs (CK and CK)
9)Auto precharge option for each burst access.

Quality control:
1)IC chipset test
IC chipsets we utilized are only top grade from original, like HY, Samsung, Elpida, etc. When new IC chipset are received, we often chose samples for test.
2)SPD information test of module
To check whether the SPD information is correct, we use two professional software, CPU-Z and soft Standard 2007, to seperately test the module. During this procedure, we subject to international standard AQL to pick samples.
3)Compatibility test of the module
Samples which are pixked according to AQL standard will be installed on more than 200 mainstream of motherboards, like Asus, Intel, etc
4)Stability test
Pick sample according to AQL standard, only after continous without crash for 48 hours individually at degrees centigrade and 10 degrees centigrade under big software like 3DMARKS, big games, the module can be send out of the factory

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