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Semi-Automatic Chemistry (BS3000)

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Semi-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Model: BS3000


A new model of photometer without flow cell and peristaltic pump.

A compact, easy to use and reliable system for clinical chemistry analyses.


Operation Modes: Absorbance, concentration, kinetic, fixed time and end point

Wavelength Range: 340-700 nm. With 4 standard interference filters 340, 405, 505, 630.

Bandpass: Less than 8 nm

Range: 0.500 to + 2, 000 O. D. Units

Photometric Accuracy: 2% 0 to 2000 O. D.

Photometric Linearity: Better that 2%

Reproducibility: 1 digit

Temperature: 37° C ± 0.2 ° C

Storage Capacity: 50 test programs

Power Supply: 220V 50Hz

Size: 12 cm × 29 cm × 23 cm

Weight: 8.5Kg.

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