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Medical Ceramic Plunger Pump (JC-201009274)

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Suzhou Jingci Super Hard Materials Co., Ltd.


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Product Description

Medical ceramic pump
1. Wear-resistant
2. Anti-frictiont
3. Mechanical seals good
4. Anti-corrosion
5. Cost-effective

Materials 99.5 %  Al2O3 ,95% ZrO2 ,  steatite and Sic.
Applications fields All kinds of filling machines, including Pharmaceutical, Beverages, Cosmetics, Chemical, Pesticides, Dairy..
The volume range from 0.5 ml to 500 ml.
Madical care, Hemodialysis machines, Proportion pump, UF pump
All kinds of pumps and valves using in High-Pressure cleaning machines
Auto mobile Industrial
Oil drilling equipement
Insulation parts in electrical equipement
Housewares such as ceramic knife, ceramc hair clipper spare parts
processing technic
Process range (mm)
Outside Diameter 1---100
Inside Diameter  0.1---80
Length  0.5---400
Accuracy of working (mm)
Perpendicularity  0.01
Concentricity  0.01
Roundness  0.005
Straightness   0.005
Parallelism  0.01
Planeness  0.005
Roughness   0.05
Fit clearance  0.005

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