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Saybolt Viscosity Tester (RAY-0623)

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The instrument is designed and made as per T0623 "Asphalt Saybolt Viscosity Test (Saybolt Viscometer Methods)" in the Industry Standard JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. It is used to determine viscosity of petroleum asphalt and liquid petroleum asphalt. It is used to decide the construction temperature.

Main structure and characteristics
The instrument is mainly composed of bath, bath temperature controller, and measurement parameters display calculator (calibration coefficient, time, viscosity, etc).
The instrument adopts microprocessor controlling technology and has function of two-way determination. It can make parallel determination for two samples at the same time. It can digitally show test parameters and calculate average value of test data. It can also convert Saybolt viscosity into Engler viscosity or Kinematic viscosity. Only make determination once, you can get three types of test data. It is efficient and reliable.

Technical parameters
1. Power supply: AC 220V± 10%, 50 Hz;
2. Types: Desktop;
3. Working mode: Two-way determination; Parallel test;
4. Sample receiving bottle: 60± 0.05ml;
5. Heating power: 1000 W;
6. Working temperature range of bath: Room temperature ~240degree;
7. Temperature controlling accuracy of bath: ± 0.1degree;
8. Timing range: 0.0s~999.9s;
9. Timing accuracy: ± 0.1s;
10. Ambient temperature: ≤ 35degree;
11. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

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