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Bonded NdFeB Magnet

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Qingdao KingRader Trade Co., Ltd.


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1. High precision
2. Excellent magnetic properties
3. Stable working temperature
4. Good corrosion-resistance &nice surface

Quick-quenched NdFeB magnetic powder with bonding agent.

BN-6 to BN-12

Compression molding magnets & Injection molding magnets

1. Black, grey Epoxy;

Thickness Magnetization, Radiation Magnetization, Multi-pole Magnetization

Br T: 0.55-0.80
(BH)max k J/M3 (MGOe): 44-92 (5.5-11.5)
Tw 0C: 110-150

1. The compression molding magnetsare widely used in stepping motor, CD-ROM spindle motor, general motor, vibrating motor, pick-up, HDD spindle motor, and FDD spindle motor.
2. The injection molding magnetsas for complex mould, magnetic properties around 6 to 7 MGOe, and highly consistency, are widely used in electric expansion valve, air-condition motor etc.

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