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Beer & Beverage canning line-1

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Liaoning Mec Group Co., Ltd.


Corporation/Limited Liability Company

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  • This can filling line is suitable for filling cans with carbonated/non-carbonated beverage or beer
  • The whole filling line has many advantages, such as high automation, stable performance and more, so it sells well both at home and abroad
  • The can filler and seamer are designed as integration
  • The running of can filler is driven by can seamer, which ensures the stability of filling liquid level, shortens the distance between filler and seamer and finally lowers the oxygen content in cans
  • All the parts that can contact materials are made of stainless steel
  • These machines can also be used to produce all kinds of different cans through some easy modifications
  • The gap around the seaming rollers can be adjusted by a special structure, which ensures the good quality of seaming
  • The pasteurizer and can warmer (for carbonated beverage) adopt the way of chain drive
  • They have many advantages, such as high strength, high temperature resistance, high water permeability, stable transportation and more
  • These machines are equipped with PID temperature control system, thus they can ensure the high precision of temperature control and sensitive response
  • The carton case packer is a full automatic packing machine produced with the introduced German MEYPACK technology
  • The machine has many functions, such as the transmission of cans, collocation, encasement, carton case forming, glue spraying, electric auto control and more
  • This machine can be used to pack all kinds of different combination and cans through some easy modifications
  • The key parts are imported which ensures the stability and reliability of the whole machine
  • The conveying system can control the forward speed of cans according to the operating condition of single machine in the processing line, which can avoid jam and deformation caused by the extrusion of cans
  • Main products:
    • Depalletizer/palletize
    • Rinser
    • CIP unit
    • Pasteurizer
    • Filler
    • Can seamer
    • Case washer
    • Drier

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