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Milking Machine

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Liaoning Mec Group Co., Ltd.


Corporation/Limited Liability Company

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  • Specialists in milking machines for cows and goats
  • We supply flexible solutions such as portable milking machine and pipeline milking machine to meet various requirements of all dairies
  • Increase your profitability:
    • Portable milking machine enables you to milk 10 to 12 cows per hour with one bucket or 20 to 24 cows per hour with two buckets, therefore, hand milkers can triple their milking capacity and milk more cows within the same time
    • Reduced milking time means you can expand your herd size, which means more profit
  • Increased animal health:
    • Changing from hand to machine milking has many benefits including faster milking due to improved routines
    • Good routines throughout the lactation period help to reduce the stress in your herd, this helps to improve milk quality and increase milk yield
  • Flexible solution: mobility of milking machine is ideal for today's bucket milkers
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Robust construction means easy maintenance
  • Large heavy-duty wheels, easy to move around
  • Few and robust parts-low service and maintenance
  • Designed to make life easier
  • Milking machine is simple to use and light but robust
  • Light solution, always well balanced, regardless of how full the bucket
  • Low noise
  • Easy to use, comes with instructions and six months warranty on all parts
  • We carry a whole range of spare parts
  • Single and double buckets are available
  • Goat milking machine is also available

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