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Logistics center


Today's logistics and information of the organic combination of socialization stage, logistics has become a resource technology and widely watched.

China in yuan logistics system engineering design and contracting services team, twenty DuoNian to always been engaged in logistics system of technology consulting, project design, project contract and project management, involving categories include air freight, airline catering, baggage sorting transmission, all kinds of logistics distribution system, automated warehouse and automatically grading system, vacuum conveying system, special warehouse and logistics park planning etc.


In the successful modern logistics technology is introduced into China in engineering design field after, we in the practice exploration, to achieve the logistics technology from the face of the three-dimensional system development, from a single system to the development of the integrated system, at the same time will logistic technology and specific geographical environment, climate, regional conditions, and many other factors, and achieved the combination of flow and classification, organization unobstructed flow "goal.


Explore filled with a hard, it contains joy. The development of modern technology, rapid and endless. We will continue to logistics technology and continuous research, and continue to develop a new space and gradually, we have technology and service of the local advantage into a whole advantage, passion, and constantly open up, to meet new challenges.

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