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Patent Series application software

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In the past the process of patent applications, patents, patent documents the process of data entry is an indispensable part.

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ST32 patent document editor software patent documents in accordance with international common standards for electronic documents - ST .32 standard (International Organization for Standardization Standard Generalized Markup Language SGML application in the field of patents specific criteria), using the standard markup language organization to patent data patent document to achieve standardization of data editing, processing, archiving and retrieval of transmission. Therefore, using ST32 patent document editing software, not only of text, charts, tables, patent applications co-exist given from the semantic content classification and preservation of specialization, and can be integrated application, approval, modification and a series of links for a variety of data give a unified identity and records, document the formation of high accessibility, manageability, can greatly reduce data storage space, easy network, and its normative makes it possible to achieve an international network within the scope of patent documents resource sharing.

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