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Want to variable data printing systems

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The development of typography, layout software has risen significantly, and a variety of publishing software are basically simple graphics, text editing. Each layout process is the need for unnecessary duplication of effort.

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  To meet the needs of the community for a new generation of publishing software, Adobe's hands in the United States Bureau of Beijing Hope Group make full use of past labor, typographic system of experience, study abroad in a variety of publishing software services system, based on the concentration of superior development efforts, the development of international standards, digital and communication technology, database technology, computer networking technology, successfully developed a powerful integrated version of Indesign Server Edition service system. The system is set release, data, graphics and other information in one, providing automatic, manual, semi-automatic and other forms of information processing, to achieve off-site repository visits, dynamic information query, video graphics functions. Is currently the forefront of typesetting technology, recognized an integrated information service platform for publishing.

We will follow according to different users is a good, stable system, in addition, want to install the Group's strong engineering and technical service team will be an excellent confidence and patience to bring you the guarantee.

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