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AA9000 rapid multi element analysis in atomic absorption spectrometer

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Optical stability
Light path sealed design, avoid the outside influence of stray light, f enhances the stability and anti-interference ability of the analyzer. The integration of the suspended type shockproof optical platform design, optical system seismic capacity is enhanced by temperature changes caused by mechanical deformation of the optical system is investigated to reduce, even if the long-term use of optical signal can still keep stable.
Main features:
One minute can be analyzed simultaneously 4 ~ 6 elements;
A sampling, multiple element group of content at the same time, the results ;
According to the analysis of needs, free combination needs to be tested in multiple elements;
Multi component analysis, save sample amount;
The cost is very high, similar to the ICP analysis model is atomic absorption instrument price;
Rapid change of gas flow rate and rotating grating, slit, element lamp ;
The original optical path design, greatly improving the ultraviolet sensitivity ;
With outstanding mechanical and optical systems, coupled with excellent software to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
Air acetylene, nitrous oxide low pressure alarm
High sensitivity of flame probe real-time monitoring of flame
Burner insert chain to ensure fire safety
Power interruption, automatic cutting off the gas flame safety
Optional accessories:
Graphite furnace system
Automatic sample injector
Hydride generator
Technical index
Flame atomic absorption spectrometer consistent with AA9000
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