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GC112A type gas chromatograph

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1 instrument master control circuit uses a micro processing system, large scale integrated circuit. Using the human-machine dialogue interface, using large screen liquid crystal Chinese characters display technology, visual display, convenient operation, easy to learn and use. The Chinese display all parameters set value and actual value, suitable for teaching use and general enterprise equipment operator manipulation of the apparatus. Applicable to a wide range of applied to environmental protection, air and water pollution of trace detection; organic chemistry; synthesis ; the health and quarantine ; hazard analysis and research.
2 stable and reliable temperature control system.
2.1 automatic control circuit, keyboard, there are five separate high precision control system, wherein the oven temperature can be achieved in five stages of programmed temperature. According to customer demand, wide boiling complexity sample analysis.
2.2 advanced and open technology, ensure the instrument oven temperature at near room temperature work can also have good temperature control precision.
3 stable airflow system
The 3.1 carrier gas path using the first voltage and current dual stable gas path system.
3.2 by capillary split / splitless injector, flexibility and a circuit control part, can automatically split / splitless sample.
3.3 using back pressure control mode split / splitless injector, give stable precolumn pressure, improve the capillary system stability. Dedicated to the capillary analysis.
3.4 capillary sampler with membrane cleaning function, effectively prevent the injector in high temperature occurs when the ghost peak phenomenon.
3.5 flow regulating valve adopts digital knob, intuitive, and good reliability.
3.6 column before the pressure in the pressure gauge on the show.
4 there are two kinds of sample selection
4.1 filling column sampling device used with packed column and capillary column in the analysis.
4.2 capillary sampler is suitable for small diameter, big caliber capillary column in the analysis.
5 kinds of detector choice
5.1 may be installed double hydrogen flame detector and single or double amplifier signal output, at the same time, the installation of TCD thermal conductivity detector.
The 5.2 single with thermal conductivity detector and Dan Qing flame detector.

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