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Power system with valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery

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" Henderson" power system with valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery is designed for electrical equipment and power system DC screen machine products. Technical requirements of DL / T637 - 1997" valve-regulated lead acid batteries technical conditions" orders, has passed the Ministry of electric power industry electrical equipment and instrumentation quality inspection and Testing Center - ( direct test ) 99 thirty-fourth.
Product features
High energy density, battery capacity increased by 15%
Patent alloy positive plate
Gao Nai corrosion performance
Low internal resistance, high rate discharge performance
Patent alloy negative plate
Gao Xiqing had potential, guarantee the battery sealing performance
High, low temperature performance, wide range of temperature
25 DEG C, the design life of 10 years
Low self discharge
25 DEG C, weekly self discharge rate of 0.5% to 1. 0%
It can be installed in any work environment, without the need of independent battery room

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