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Inverter single-tube IGBT MIG/MAG/ MMA fission NBC350D

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Item NBC350D
Input Power Voltage(V Hz) 380V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Capacity (KVA) MMA:12/MIG14
Current Adjustment Range (A) MMA:20-300/MIG:50-350
Output Voltage (V) MMA:21-32/MIG:15-40
Duty Cycle(?) 60
Diameter of Coil (mm) 270
Adaptable Plate Thickness(mm) ≥0.8
Efficiency(%) 85
Power Factor(COSΦ) 0.93
Diameter of Welding Wire(mm) 1.0/1.2
Insulation Class IP21S
Weight(Kg) 25
Measurement(mm) 513x268x455
Insulation Class F
Post- flow(S) 1S
Functions and Features
Inverter single-tube IGBT? MIG/MAG/ MMA ?fission? NBC250D/315D/350D
Welding Manner: Gas shielded arc welding, flux cored wire welding, Electrode welding;
Scope of Application: Widely applied ?in automobile, motorcycle parts, steel and wood furniture, light steel and other sheet metal welding fields.
Applicable Materials: low carbon steel, high strength steel, ordinary steel
Advanced Inverter Technology: Adopted full-bridge inverter power-conversed technology with high frequrency about 20KHZ, greatly reduced the dimension and weight of machine and save the resources accordingly.
Precise Control System: Pulse Width Modulator(PWM),with closed loop control system ensure ?the machines’ working stability.
Excellent Welding Performance
Current-mode Pulse Width Modulator(PWM) controller provided excellent instant response.
Waveform control technology with the inductor (electronic Reactor) implemented, Arc stength can be adjusted to fulfill the specification such as making the arc more soft, increasing the fusion depth, reduction of spatter, nice weldment.
Automated wire feeding speed reduction at arc starting and small ball peeling at the arc ending state improved the success rate of next arc starting.
4T control function makes easy operation ?in long weld seam,and relieves the labours’ working intensity.
Digital meter owns pre-set function.
Perfect Protection System
Automatic protection overcurrent, overheating, and overloading ensure welding machines’ safety, durability and reliability.
Three defenses (anti-dust, damp proof, anti-sepsis) of internal structure increased the machines’ reliablity under harsh environment.
Concise structure of fission wire feeder ensure the low rate of breakdown.
Control cable with anti short-circuit function, ensure the normal working after cable repairement.
User friendly Design
Wire feeder can be 360 degrees cycled at the top of main machine, which can also be used separately

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