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Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch Wireless LAN phones
Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch Wireless LAN phones

Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch Wireless LAN phones

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Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.


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FLEXENT ™ MSC (CDMA Mobile Switching Center) by the FPS, ECP, FMS and the OMP composition, to provide to meet the worldwide demand for telecom operators, high reliability CDMA mobile switching center.

It uses distributed control subjects, modular system architecture, system design and load sharing modules on important characteristics of the primary standby configuration, easy-to-smooth expansion, adding new features, providing operators with the most advanced all-round mobile communication solutions.
FPS 5ESS uphold the excellent performance, providing CDMA EVRC codec and connect the base station, ECP / FMS and other networks (PSTN, PLMN, private network, heart, wireless intelligent network, etc.). FPS provides E1, OC3, STM-1, and so a variety of interfaces, support for FPS between base stations and IP transport to support circuit switching and packet switching, and integrated PCF function. Using a combination of distributed and centralized design, operator of the exchange system to meet various needs.
ECP / FMS is Flexent ™ MSC in the core, which controls the operation of the system, complete mobility management, call handling, system operation and maintenance, then a single collection and messaging functions, and have integrated HLR function. FMS using commercial SUN server platform can be flexible configuration for different functions of the server.
OMP as a network element management systems to support a single platform to manage all network elements Flexent series, that all MSC and base station products, has a good system capacity and data reliability, ease of operation. OMP's latest hardware platform SUN Netra 440 server.
􀁺 capacity configuration flexibility, support 2M BHCA, VLR record supports 800,000, 800,000
HLR records
􀁺 support a single MSC 600 BTS, to provide up to 4,000 groups and more than 90,000 of the relay relay
􀁺 ECP / FMS and FPS can require one or one designed to save operators' investment
􀁺 support low-speed signaling link (64Kbps LSL) and high-speed signaling link (2Mbps HSL), to support a variety of signaling formats
Main advantages:
􀁺 widely distributed in the global CDMA market, to meet the diverse needs of operators
􀁺 high reliability, dual backup system design, FCC statistics report the stability of the first six consecutive years
􀁺 large capacity, modular structure, flexible configuration, protecting operators' investment
􀁺 can cater to STP, tandem Bureau, the gateway office and provide support to the wired network
􀁺 using ATM protocol processor support soft handoff, allowing coverage throughout the MSC and between the two Flexent ™ MSC soft handoff, to provide better voice quality and system performance
􀁺 support TrFO / RTO, etc., more efficient use of system resources to provide a good integration with IMS.
􀁺 provide rich functionality and flexible software, system software upgrades without service interruption

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