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Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch
Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch

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Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.


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Alcatel Shanghai Bell CDMA ISMC (Integrated Switch Management Center) is a CDMA IS95/1x circuit domain core network operation and maintenance center (OMC-S), management of Alcatel Shanghai Bell to provide the core of the circuit domain MSC / HLR equipmen

It includes operation and maintenance, configuration management, alarm management, performance management, system management functions.
􀁺 system flexible structure, has good scalability
􀁺 provides a wealth of external interfaces such as RS232 interface, EPM Interface
􀁺 convenient operation and maintenance functions
􀁺 comprehensive, accurate real-time alarm monitoring
􀁺 improved performance management
􀁺 simple and practical configuration management capabilities
􀁺 fully distributed architecture, centralized management and distributed processing systems combined
􀁺 system has the scalability, openness, security and maintainability
􀁺 support multi-user concurrent operation
􀁺 rapid fault detection, analysis, features and online recovery solution
􀁺 detailed fault information
􀁺 to provide the necessary design data network optimization
􀁺 automatically backup and restore functions
􀁺 online help function, including the MMC command-line help
􀁺 friendly Chinese man-machine interface

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