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Novel flat plate type solar water heater

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( 1 ) integral heat absorption plate, absorption rate and higher thermal efficiency
Other manufacturers produced plate type heat collection plate, either from Germany and Macao and other countries imported whole plate type heat-absorbing plate core then late package, either using strip fin heat absorbing plate core splicing. Extension days is China's first, is currently the only one can rely on independent R & D, using reel-to-reel production technology, production of integral selective heat-absorbing plate core enterprise ( Figure 8 ). China solar water heater supervision and Testing Center ( Beijing ) according to the test result, develop solar heat absorbing membrane absorption rate ( 95% + 2% ), the firing rate ( 4.3% ) and a collector of the initial thermal efficiency ( 77% ) reached the highest level of domestic. Other domestic manufacturers of the thermal efficiency of the collector with universal in 40% ~ 50%, and the extension on the thermal efficiency of the collector with ( 77% ) has entered the world leading level ( 75% ~ 78% ), thus breaking the Germany and the western developed country such as the long-term technical monopoly, for our country to further improve the flat plate type solar water heater technology has made the prominent contribution.
( 2 ) high vacuum coating, emissivity lower
Using high vacuum magnetron sputtering coating technology, not only access to the lower firing rate, but also make the film and substrate with stronger, more durable, film at 400 DEG C for aging properties do not decay, 20 year service life can not come off.
( 3 ) integrated packaging, insulation effect more well
The extension is currently China's first, is the only one with the back cover and the frame of integrated design, a stamping molding business. The polyurethane integral foaming process for obtaining better insulation effect ( and most domestic manufacturers with mineral wool felt as insulation materials, the effect of course is far better than polyurethane foam insulation ).
( 4 ) full metal configuration, longer service life
Collector of internal use copper pipe, corrosion resistance; cover is 4mm thick tempered glass, mechanical strength is 4 times higher than ordinary glass; plus aluminum backplane and frame, high structural strength, ensure long service life of 20 years. At the same time, the use of process than the traditional heat collector is more safe and reliable. In the hot water engineering, compared with the vacuum tube water heater can highlight its bearing edge.
( 5 ) ease of building integration, more beautiful
For the solar energy products, the future trend is" building integration of solar water heater", also without exception. Compared with vacuum tube water heater, flat type heat collector is more suitable for integration with the building design and construction, which can be installed on the roof, side of tile-roofed house, building, balcony. With the extension of Japanese collector for the blue coating design, more beautiful appearance, at the same time have waterproof function, the realization of energy saving at the same time, also can become the building together beautiful scenery line

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