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ZJ120/9000DB drilling machine

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The ZJ120/9000DB drilling machine is the present global most advanced special deep well land petroleum drilling machine, drilling machine's general technical concept and the integrated technology, at present internationally is the advanced standard. The drilling machine uses the international most advanced entire digital exchange frequency conversion control technology, the work realizes the intellectualized control completely, has the control precision to be high, the power factor is high, compatible, fault-tolerant performance good and so on characteristics. the ZJ120/9000DB drilling machine is including the big load bearing high drill stand foundation and the derrick whole lifts, bears the cryogenics material and the welding, the high speed high efficiency gear drive, large-scale hoist drum body aspects and so on structural design, processing as well as big modulus tooth ring processing makes the important breakthrough, applied for 2 patents of invention and 7 patents of utility model. this drilling machine has the honor to receive in 2007 the Chinese petroleum group science and technology ten big progress projects and “the Chinese ten big science and technology progress news” and so on many great honor. patented technology: the new energy conservation high efficiency petroleum well drilling winch, the petroleum winch new shift gears the organization, two halves docking type rope trough body hoist drum, the drilling machine derrick hydraulic pressure to lift the type gin pole and so on 7 patents of utility model. inside and outside the well drilling pump liner the surface simultaneously cools, the petroleum drilling machine to tour hangs the system and makes the method 2 patents of invention with the cast steel. product technology characteristic: the domestic maximum work rate 6000 horsepowers winches, the modular design, then the whole transportation may also the piecemeal transportation; the 52 rice derrick, 12 meters turn on lathe rise the type foundation, the winch power lift (including head driller concubine); winch low position installment, low position work; the major component uses - 40℃ the high-tensile structural steel, the drilling machine satisfies the extremely cold local well drilling work request; independent research and development whole set great tonnage You Diao, overhead traveling crane, turntable system and so on; the electrically controlled system optimization design, increases the speed change control function and so on.

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