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ZJ90/6750DB drilling machine

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The ZJ90/6750DB drilling machine in the oil field work, creates the home deepest drill log. the gem machinery ZJ90/6750DB drilling machine is in the first 9000 meter drilling machine oil field commercial test foundation, further consummates the improvement the new extra-deep well drilling machine. The drilling machine uses the single axle two grade of exchange frequency conversion winch, about the main electrical machinery may according to need to withdraw the use alone, enhanced the equipment use reliability and moves the efficiency; High low-grade uses the intelligent cut safely, the movement reliable. Has exchange frequency conversion drilling machine's all merits, uses complete set Simens PLC and the exchange frequency conversion technology, has the control precision to be high, the power factor is high, the complete machine control system uses the excess afterheat backup pattern, compatible, the fault-tolerant performance is good; Necessary high pump pressure's F-1600HL drills the well pump, had guaranteed the drill bit sneaked in fast, lengthened drill bit's service life, raised the well drilling efficiency greatly, became the deep well drilling machine's first choice type. Product technology characteristic: the ZJ90DB drilling machine uses the advanced entire digital exchange frequency conversion technology, realizes the drilling machine intellectualization head driller control; the winch uses the new development the special-purpose exchange frequency conversion electrical machinery, carries on the design according to the drilling machine operating mode, has the permanent power to be long, output torque big and so on merits. single axle, high speed high efficiency gear drive winch, I grade of stepless speed regulation; The hydraulic pressure disc type and the electrical machinery dynamic braking unify brake system, perform reliably. the winch electrical machinery frequency changer use “two pairs one” the control model, sharpened the electrical machinery instant dynamic response ability, optimized the electrical machinery acceleration characteristic. uses the main electrical machinery + independent small electrical machinery to deliver automatically drills, can drill to having under with the well drilling operating mode carries on the real-time monitoring.

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