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ZJ50/3150L drilling machine

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The ZJ50/3150L drilling machine uses the module type low position winch chain drive. This drilling machine may use in the oil, the gas, water well's exploration and development, is suitable 5000 meters deep wells the well drilling works. drilling machine structure principle and characteristic: the ZJ50/3150L drilling machine is the three machines double pump, three diesel engines, fluid strength bending moments, chain link in the same carriage transmission, overall construction chain link in the same carriage gearbox, low position winch. The turntable and the top digit cathead winch's actuation uses tilts the right angle box, the cardan shaft hill climbing. characteristic: the 1, revolving sneaks in the operating mode to have the great speed range and the great torque scope; The winch promotion has in winding speed scope; The cycle operation has the big mud hydraulic horsepower and the high pump pressure. the 2, module type overall transmission arrangement satisfies fast disassembling or the installment, the overhaul, the adjustment, the inspection, the transportation is convenient. 3, to be advantageous for the enhancement installment and the disassemble and assemble work efficiency, between the drilling machine various modules foundation connects uses the hasp type fast disassembling structure or the end surface set bolt connection form. 4, because in design structure processing each biography moving parts used have concentrated to eight big module arrangement, therefore the drilling machine relocation delivered a chassis reduction, raised the moving speed. 5, because has used the low position winch, also has solved on the former drilling machine winch the catwalk difficult and does not have the security sense question, increased the drill stand effective use area. 6, in view of are using the drilling machine to open the question which the type hill climbing chain drive and the docking type in the same carriage chain link box existence chain link installment quality guaranteed with difficulty (to create breaks one of frequently chain link reasons), the design has used the whole processing chain link in the same carriage gearbox and the whole winch input chain link box, improved the installment quality and the efficiency. 7, because drill stand high 7.5m, under Liang clean-up height 6.3m, is also advantageous to the well head returns mud conduction current, moreover is advantageous regarding the mud tank arrangement and the pump suction. 8, use the well head mechanization tool, reduces worker's labor intensity, may also use the mechanical cathead, may also use the hydraulic pressure cathead.

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