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Impact compaction machine | impact compaction machine type

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A, structure characteristics

1, the accumulator, hydraulic cylinder, traction axis on the compression spring buffer, eliminate the impact of tractor influence.

2 and manipulation of lifting cylinder, impact round off the ground by trailer support, can also do not damage and short road.

3, hydraulic oil comes from the tractor hydraulic system, through the quick change joint connection, convenient, quick.

Second, high production efficiency

1, compaction productivity 3000 ~ 4000 m3 / h.

2, the average speed of work for 10 to 15 Km/h (traditional roller speed work 2 ~ 5 Km/h).

3, compaction influence depth for 5 m effective compaction depth 1 m (vibratory roller compaction thickness of the best 200 ~ 500 mm).

4, compaction degree can be amounted to 98%. The following data for my company 6830 compaction machine in a section of the assessment experiment.

Three, the superiority of impact compaction machine

1, the original foundation compaction

To repair the damaged roads and improve high fill of the basic level, and don't need to dig to bad soil, can direct the pavement broken and compaction, and then lay new roads and fill layer, avoid digging to bad soil, surfacing new soil all kinds of fees.

2, the compaction of external

Impact compaction machine works for the huge impact of external fill layer, strong shock wave can greatly improve the project between particles embedded lock close degree, reduce embankment settlement and deformation and settlement differences, can reduce the size of the filler is strict degree.

3, efficient fill compaction

Now built highway and airport runway often encounter dozens of meters to hundreds of meters high fill, use this continuous impact compaction machine, each layer thickness of 1.0 ~ fill 1.2 m.

Every hour compaction fill 4000 m3 above, greatly improving the construction efficiency. While general soil vibratory roller when more than 300 mm, vibration compaction effect will significantly weakened. While the impact compaction machine type of compaction depth is with the compaction quantities and increasing obviously increase, this is because the trilateral form wheel rolling impact low impact generated by the huge impact on energy, has the seismic wave propagation characteristics of the sake. Along with the increase of compactness, and its influence depth will increase gradually.

4, to the requirements of the moisture content

Because of impact compaction machine has the huge impact energy, for different types of requirements can be optimum moisture in two directions and relax 3% ~ 5%, and eased restrictions on building materials water content requirements.

5, have sex self-check

Impact compaction machine through the low frequency, the large amplitude, high-energy impact the soil, in the form of a 2 m or so thick continuous stable strengthening, this to raises highway, railway and airport runway life is very important. And surface are obtained with the settlement of directly roadbed compaction quality testing, and in the detection of having an reinforcement, road construction industry is called "detect sex enhance fill pressure", this area of the 100% of detection is any other detection method can not involved.

Four, equipment parameters

The machine 6830 model

The weight of 16200 kg

The impact energy kj 30

Compaction width X900 2 mm

The speed of work 10 ~ 15 Km/h

Compaction influence depth of 5.5 m

Tractor power > 235 (Kw)

The best working speed 10 ~ 15 (Km/h)

Shape dimension (long x width × high) 4064 x 2960 x 2170 (mm)

The unified national sales YuTong heavy industry call: 400-6621-888


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