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Packing:woven bag Refractoriness:350℃-550℃

Detailed products discription

he flame retardant cotton cloth fire prevention cloth as special industries, special type of work with protective fabrics, roughly divided into the following kinds:

A, silicon rubber coated glass fiber cloth is high temperature resistant, anticorrosive, high strength glass fiber cloth, the organic silicone rubber rolling or dipping and into, is a kind of high performance and utility of composite material and new products.


1 used in low temperature, high temperature between 70 to 230

2, resistance to ozone, oxygen, light and climate ageing, field use excellent weatherability, life can reach up to 10 years

3, with high insulation performance, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown voltage 20-50 KV/MM

Fire prevention cloth: the main products are permanent anti-static fabric; The channel electromagnetic shielding fabric; Resistance to high temperature 200 c-1200 c fire prevention cloth, felt, shade, paper materials;

Fire prevention cloth: fire prevention cloth high temperature resistant. Can be used to block HanHua, do fire prevention is, the insulation of the hard and soft pipe, heater coverage, and so on. The fire prevention adiabatic effect;


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