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The range hood has become essential for the modern family kitchen equipment. Range hood to enter the ordinary Chinese family kitchen is not very long. Early family kitchen exhaust work done by the exhaust fan. Exhaust fan can exclude most of the fumes in the kitchen, but it is unable to resolve the pollution of the fumes generated in the cooking of the entire kitchen. Cooking fumes contain many harmful substances, if the long term in a room full of fumes, will lead to the occurrence of many diseases. For the Chinese people, Chinese people's diet structure, unlike Westerners, so the kitchen from the varieties of kitchenware, style layout, with the Western countries are very different. China is a country, love of food in the food processing, fried, fried, cooked, fried large proportion of the fumes in the Chinese kitchen, easy to become greasy and bad cleaning the kitchen environment, so the fume machine became to change the kitchen environment, a powerful weapon. "It has changed the environment of the kitchen, to reduce the harm caused by the fumes from the kitchen environment and human health. The range hood can be described as the "killer" of the fumes.

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