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Ethylene storage

The test lasted one week since November 5, 2010, three main phases: the first is the use of the board of ethylene vapor discharge pipeline pre-cooling, the second stage is to enter the small flow of liquid ethylene Chucans of pre-cooling, the third stage is the increase of liquid ethylene discharge rate to the normal operation until the liquid ethylene on board to finish unloading at the same time start the compressor and freezer in the discharge process to produce ethylene vapor recovery to storage tanksexcess ethylene gas venting to the flare.      The test is to verify that an important symbol of the entire device is running fine or not, As company Xuqing Lin, general manager said "EPC turnkey project omissions and errors of any one link in the trial, when the car will be nowhere to hide, they had individually appeared out. "Fortunately, throughout our design, installation of pipelines / instruments / equipment in the pre-cooling, discharge did not find a leak, pipeline displacement and normal, no significant deformation, indicating that the level of Jingding is qualified, is excellent and afford the test.

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