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One of pure water will potting

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The bottles adjustment of the various parts of the handle rotation to achieve, the ease of quick and easy. Filling methods using a new type of micro pressure filling, the filling is faster and more stable, so this machine compared with the same specifications of the machine with higher yields, greater efficiency. This machine adopts the advanced OMRON programmed controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, bottle feeding chain transducer is used to adjust host inverter to complement each other to make the bottle more stable and reliable running. The operating conditions of the various components of the photoelectric detector, a high degree of automation, easy operation. On this basis, the local changes are filling part of the formation of low vacuum filling. Low vacuum filling (Z type machine), is applicable in glass bottles, filling alcohol, soy sauce and other materials, sealing manner aluminum theft proof cap and plastic cap. Idea-preferred equipment for beverage makers.

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