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Solar energy water heater hanging series

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Vertical clip set of water tank is GMO solar products in the balcony hanging is one of the major, because the product itself high ratio of vertical clip set of water tank is recommended to customers can exceed tech center of most a product. Through the customer into terminal market, vertical clip set of water tank whether "a key the vertical balcony hanging" or "touch screen vertical balcony hanging" are all very popular with property developers, engineering business and consumer welcome.
1, integrated GMO five national patent: patent Numbers are "1022501", "11210738", "1174963", "1210737", "1318036";
2, intensive GMO tank: pressure resist fatigue, through the Australian SAI the authentication, the national 260000 times pressure pulse test, acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, heat resistant water erosion resistance, JiBian temperature, corrosion performance is good, not easy and scaling, no pollution;
3, vertical clip set of structure: heat transfer medium surrounded cylinder, form large heat transfer area, in high thermal efficiency;

4, simple efficient: system USES natural circulation, fault point is less;

5, and free maintenance: media cycle, not easy and scaling, save worry practical;

6, low cost, cost low cost, operation cost is low, the price advantage is obvious;

7, water comfortable: hot water water yield, water stability, may provide the comfortable ?

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