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Horizontal corrugated pipe system water heater

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1, GMO patent products: the patent number "1174964", "1253031", "1253032";
2, intensive bladder: pressure resist fatigue, through the Australian SAI the authentication, the national 260000 times pressure pulse test, acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, heat resistant water erosion resistance, JiBian temperature, corrosion performance is good, not easy and scaling, no pollution;
3, corrugated tube structure: heat the bladder and corrugated "corrugated pipe" form, can increase the heat transfer area and heat fission tank under pressure;
4, simple efficiency: the system can use natural circulation, the cost advantage;
5, and water safety: system USES medium circulation, heat transfer bellows are outer wall and inner wall enamel coating, not easy and scaling, not pollution, save worry practical;
6, low cost, cost low cost, operation cost is low, the price advantage is obvious;

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