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Parking barrier Parking lock parking system

  • FOB Price: 80.00-88.00
  • Port:Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Minimum Order Quantity:10
  • Supply Ability:2000  per Month
  • Payment Terms:,L/C,T/T,

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Products discription

1. Protect parking space 2. Object sensing 3. Easy installation and operation 4. Energy saving 5. Low maintenance

Detailed products discription


what is the “square" mode of parking barrier?

It is the one of the high-top intelligentize degree. All of the working procedures controlled 

by motherboard. With beautiful, generous appearance. Owns crashproof,  pressureproof, 

waterproof & theftproof.


What's the material ?

 With excellent steel, plastic-sprayed surface.


Parts list?


1*parking barrierParking-Barrier.jpg





2*remote controlFQ@3)4353QY@MZI$)VHRP[I





3.charger( battery mode only)4M3QQ$@[TAY}TAU8_R4FJ7W






4.battery   IZIW_9`ETBHGT_T)(2J@SNN



5.setscrew XHQ(NR77GLMJ3BT46FKN)FO




6.tool for manual function  








standing up:475*336*400mm


lying  down: 475*446*76mm


Packing size:52*51.5*10.5cm



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Shaohui Zhou