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Light type and Thin section slewing ring bearing gears

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    1 100.00-1000.00

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    1000  per Month

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XD Slewing Ring Bearing Co., Ltd


LLC(Ltd Liability Corp)

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Light type slewing ring bearing gears
No gear slewing ring
XD-230.20.0414 XD-230.20.0544 XD-230.20.0644 XD-230.20.0744 XD-230.20.0844 XD-230.20.0944 XD-230.20.1094

External gear slewing ring bearing
XD-231.20.0414 XD-231.20.0544 XD-231.20.0644 XD-231.20.0744 XD-231.20.0844 XD-231.20.0944 XD-231.20.1094

Internal gear slewing bearing
XD-232.20.0414 XD-232.20.0544 XD-232.20.0644 XD-232.20.0744 XD-232.20.0844 XD-232.20.0944 XD-232.20.1094

Thin section slewing bearing
No gear slewing ring
XD-060.20.0414 XD-060.20.0544 XD-060.20.0644 XD-060.20.0744 XD-060.20.0844 XD-060.20.0944 XD-060.20.1094

External gear slewing ring bearing
XD-061.20.0414 XD-061.20.0544 XD-061.20.0644 XD-061.20.0744 XD-061.20.0844 XD-061.20.0944 XD-061.20.1094

Internal gear slewing bearing
XD-062.20.0414 XD-061.20.0544 XD-061.20.0644 XD-061.20.0744 XD-061.20.0844 XD-062.20.0944 XD-062.20.1094

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