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Ball Slewing Ring Bearing Gear Types NT3805PX1

  • FOB Price:

    1 100.00-1000.00

  • Supply Ability:

    1000  per Month

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XD Slewing Ring Bearing Co., Ltd


LLC(Ltd Liability Corp)

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four point contact ball slewing bearing: Internal gear teeth
BT9505HBPX1, BT9617PX1, BT10701HB, BT11206-1HB, BT1130HBPX, BT13201,
BT18803HPX1, BT19616HB, BT2061PX1, BT23005HB, 2N-BT23508HB, 2N-BT23408,
2N-BT24610HB, 2N-BT26601-2HPX, 2N-BT34607HPX1, BT37802HBPX1, BT38401-1PX1,
2N-BT39701HBPX1, BT41604PX1, 2N-BT42104HB, 2N-BT45801, 2N-BT53603, 6N-BT33901, 6N-BT28802-1, 6N-BT39202PX1, 6N-BT40901-1, 6N-BT41403PX1, 2N-BT41602-1, 2N-BT46403, 2N-BT48802, 2N-BT51802PX1, 2N-BT5240PX1, 2N-BT56303PX1, 2N-BT59402, 2N-BT64304,

four point contact ball slewing bearing: External gear teeth
AT4507PX1, AT4805HB, AT7706-1, AT8406HBPX1, AT10115-1HB, AT12004-1, AT12407,
AT14316, AT15010, AT18303, AT17906-1, AT19101, AT19901HB, AT21102HB, AT25201PX1,
AT25008-1, 2N-AT24005-1HBPX1, AT30204PX1, 2N-AT32406-2H, AT36002PX1, AT38210,
2N-AT42013HPX1, AT44809PX1, 2N-AT56605, AT60003HB

four point contact ball slewing bearing: Without gear teeth
NT3805PX1, NT5001, 2N-NT7601, NT8406, NT9808, NT89814, NT10102PX1, NT11404PX1,
NT12404, NT13401PX1, NT14308, NT14601PX1, NT18002, NT18302, NT19206-1PX1,
NT21302-2, NT25902-1PX1, NT30001PX1, 2N-NT35803, NT38801, NT44801PX1

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