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Kaydon bearing slewing ring Replacement for Hoisting Machinery ( Cranes )

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    1 100.00-1000.00

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    1000  per Month

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XD Slewing Ring Bearing Co., Ltd


LLC(Ltd Liability Corp)

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HS Series:
No Gear
HS6-16P1Z, HS6-21P1Z, HS6-25P1Z, HS6-29P1Z, HS6-33P1Z, HS6-37P1Z, HS6-43P1Z  
Internal Gear
HS6-16N1Z  HS6-21N1Z  HS6-25N1Z  HS6-29N1Z  HS6-33N1Z  HS6-37N1Z  HS6-43N1Z  
External Gear
HS6-16E1Z, HS6-21E1Z, HS6-25E1Z, HS6-29E1Z, HS6-33E1Z, HS6-37E1Z , HS6-43E1Z  
KH Series:
No Gear
KH-125P, KH-166P, KH-225P, KH-275P, KH-325P
External Gear
KH-125E, KH-166E, KH-225E, KH-275E, KH-325E
Dynamic and Intermittent Capacities
KH-125, KH-166, KH-225, KH-275, KH-325  
MT Series:
No Gear
MTO-050, MTO-050T, MTO-065, MTO-065T, MTO-122, MTO-122T, MTO-143, MTO-143T, MTO-145, MTO-145T, MTO-145X, MTO-170,   MTO-170T, MTO-210, MTO-210T, MTO-210X, MTO-265, MTO-265T, MTO-265X, MTO-324T, MTO-324X
External Gear
MTE-145, MTE-145T, MTE-145X, MTE-210, MTE-210T, MTE-210X, MTE-265, MTE-265T, MTE-265X, MTE-324T, MTE-324X, MTE-415,   MTE-415T, MTE-470, MTE-470T, MTE-540, MTE-540T, MTE-590, MTE-590T, MTE-705, MTE-705T, MTE-730, MTE-730T, MTE-870,   MTE-870T
RK Series:
No Gear
RK6-16P1Z, RK6-22P1Z, RK6-25P1Z, RK6-29P1Z, RK6-33P1Z, RK6-37P1Z, RK6-43P1Z, Tolerances, RK6-16P1Z, RK6-22P1Z  
RK6-25P1Z, RK6-29P1Z, RK6-33P1Z, RK6-37P1Z, RK6-43P1Z
Internal Gear
RK6-16N1Z, RK6-22N1Z, RK6-25N1Z, RK6-29N1Z, RK6-33N1Z, RK6-37N1Z, RK6-43N1Z, Tolerances, RK6-16N1Z, RK6-22N1Z,  RK6-25N1Z, RK6-29N1Z, RK6-33N1Z, RK6-37N1Z, RK6-43N1Z
External Gear
RK6-16E1Z, RK6-22E1Z, RK6-25E1Z, RK6-29E1Z, RK6-33E1Z, RK6-37E1Z, RK6-43E1Z, RK6-16E1Z, RK6-22E1Z, RK6-25E1Z, RK6-29E1Z,  RK6-33E1Z, RK6-37E1Z, RK6-43E1Z
Pinion Tables for RK, HS and MT Series:
Mating Pinions for RK Series Bearings
RK6-16 thru RK6-29
RK6-33 thru RK6-43
Mating Pinions for HS Series Bearings
HS6-16 thruHS6-29, HS6-29 thruHS6-43
Mating Pinions for MT Series Bearings
MTE-145 thru MTE-324 
MTE-415 thru MTE-540
MTE-590 thru MTE-705
XT Series
No Gear
1275001, 12770001, 12775001, 12780001, 12785001, 12790001, 16289001, 16389001, 16290001, 16291001
Internal Gear
16292001, 16293001, 16294001, 16295001, 16296001, 16390001, 16374001, 16297001, 16298001, 16299001, 16300001, 16301001, 16302001, 16303001, 16304001
External Gear
16305001, 16306001, 16307001, 12440001, 16308001, 12288001, 16309001, 16310001, 16311001, 16312001, 16313001, 16314001, 16315001, 16316001, 16317001

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