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AC 3 Phase 60Hz 208-230/460V & 460V & 575V
(Single Voltage only for 250HP and above ) 
NEMA Design B ( Design A is available )
Efficiency Level:
1~200HP 2Pole, 4Pole & 6 Pole  Premium Efficiency   NEMA MG1 Table 12-12
250~500HP 2Pole, 4Pole & 6 Pole EPACT  Efficiency   NEMA MG1 Table 12-11
3~350HP 8Pole  EPACT  Efficiency   NEMA MG1 Tabl2 12-11
JM/JP    2Pole, 4Pole & 6 Pole  Premium Efficiency   NEMA MG1 Table 12-12

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC, IP55) 
Service Factor : 1.15 
Class B Temperature Rise, Class F insulation with Phenolic Alkyd. 
VPI Varnished with double times.
Oversize Conduit Box, Rotatable in 90 Degree
Heavy Duty Construction,Cast Iron Frame, Bracket and Conduit Box.
Aluminum Die Cast Squirrel Cage Rotor Construction
Bi-directional Rotation
Ambient Temperature: 40 Degree C 
Altitude: 3300 Feet
Paint Colour: Lotus leaf Green  
143T~447T   Shaft: 1045 Carbon Steel 
449T~586/7T(UZ)   Shaft: Alloy Steel and Tempering Treatment.
Stainless steel Nameplate
F1 Mounting  (F2 is available )

NEMA Design D, High Torque, High Slip for High Inertia Loads.
Paint Colour: White. F2 Mounting. 
PTC or PT100 Thermistor is available to protect the Winding and Bearing.

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