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●It is set up a complete new pneumatic conveying system with parts wind volume filtration for parts reverse blow circulation as well as wind channel switch air damper during rainy day operation, which can realize working condition switch between dry dust collection operation and sweep operation in rainy day, so which can working in all weather condition without reference to weather condition.

●The whole machine adopted stainless steel inner garbage box and water tank, which have

following character: antisepsis, antirust, large room and long time operation continuity,

especially it is good for longtime operation in high express way, water in water tank can be

used for dust collection and normal cleanWith road condition, floating multidimensional

reverse blow Pneumatic Conveying circulation can be flatted, so which can increase effect

for sucker largely.

Centrifugal dust collection device in dust box can collect large granule dust in effect,

which can decrease damage for wine channel and fan, and it is set up high efficacy spray dust collection system in dust box that can resolve problem for dust rise completely during seep road and dust collection car is discharge.

●Front sweep in right and left can work individual or linkage in order to ensure for confirm

left front sweep work individual or right front sweep work individual in effect. Sweep trap

speed can be adjusted and chose for high, middle and low level in according with its relative

devices, which can ensure get good sweep effect and cut down operating cost under all

pollution situation.

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