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Needle destroyer

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This equipment can destroy various size of used syringe needle and syringe body in 3 seconds.

Detailed products discription

Product Name: medical syringe destroyer
       Model: FSD-216

This equipment can be used to destroy various size of used syringe needle and syringe body in 3 seconds.hence to avoid the risk of infection and re-use and helps to eliminate accidental needle prick during recapping.
Color:ivory white, blue, yellow, or green available.

Destroying methods:
Syringe needle and acupuncture: high temperature burning destroying.
Syringe hub: electric cutting destroying.

Application place:
It is widely used in hospital, clinic, and treatment room for syringe and acupuncture destroying.
1)Light, portable and compact design. Destroys both needle and syringe in seconds. Easy to operate
2)Used needle, when being inserted in destroyers, will be burned in 3 seconds, the silver alloy, which is used to melt the needle is with good thermal effect, high melting point, corrosion resistance
3)Body Material: ABS, Injection mold made, insulation and flame retardant
4)The syringe hub can be sawed easily by a electric saw which is made of special steel.
5)Removable waste collection box for easy disposal of needle ash & syringe hubs Safe operation, reliable, and easy to be cleaned

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