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Radio Shuttle System

Radio Shuttle


Product Structure Of Radio Shuttle Racking


Application Case Of Radio Shuttle Racking  

Radio shuttle is a racking system with high density storageincluding racking and electrically powered pallet runners

Which works with forklifes.This high efficient storage solutionprovides a new option   to maximum use of   ware house volume .



• High density storage

• High throughput efficiency
• Much better than Drive-in in safety


 • Loading: Pallet runner transports pallets into deep tunnel after thepallets are put on the rail at the first pallet position.

 • Picking: Pallet runner carries pallets out of deep tunnel to front forforklift to pick.

 • Transferring: The pallet runner can be placed other tunnels. The quantity ofpallet runners depends on the depth of tunnels, quantity of goods,throughput, load and pick frequency, etc.


    •    Loading capacity1000~1200kg

    •    Empty loadspeed0.7-0.9m/s 
    •    Full loadspeed0.6-0.8m/s 

    •    Power unit: LithiumBattery 
    •    Rated voltage26V 
    •    Battery duration longer than8 hours 
    •    Range of remoter is 50 meters 


   Adaptable industry  

    •    Big quantity but small categories: Foods, beverage, chemistry, tobacco  
    •    Cold sore: Effectively reduce working time, better efficiency and safety  
    •    Expiration control: Strict limitation of batches of goods, which requires FIFO  
    •    Volume increasing: Maximum use of limited space of warehouses

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