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Laptop Determine Dip Angle Borehole Inclinometer

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 Small Borehole Diameter Determination Geophysics Caliper



The instrument is a new digital inclination measurement in high precision. It is used to determine dip angle and azimuth angle of vertical borehole and directional borehole in high precision. It can also determine dip angle, azimuth angle, tool face angle, and borehole depth in high precision.


It is suitable to determine inclination of borehole, which is more than 40 mm in diameter, and with a depth up to 1200 m, in the non-magnetic area. It has been widely used in the engineering, hydrology, oil field, coal field, and geology.


The instrument is composed of laptop (optional), controlling case, and inclinometer probe. It adopts test data coded long distance transmission techniques, so it can transmit test data accurately and reliably; it combines a high performance sensor with digital signal processing techniques, so test data are in high precision and good repeatability. It can transmit test data to a laptop through RS232 serial ports directly, so it can show test data, plane diagram, sectional diagram, side projection diagram clearly and intuitively, and it can save test data; If connect to a printer, it can print out test data, plane diagram, sectional diagram, side projection diagram, and space trace diagram; it can determine borehole depth during inclination measurement; it is easy to be operated and it is suitable to be operated at determination field


Technical parameters

1. Inclination measurement depth: ≤ 1200 m;

2. Measurement range and accuracy:

(1) Dip angle: 0~50°;

If dip angle is at 0~20°, measurement accuracy is ±0.1°;

If dip angle is at 20~50°, measurement accuracy is ±0.2°;

(2) Azimuth angle: 0~360°;

If dip angle is at 1~3°, measurement accuracy is ±3°;

If dip angle is at 3~50°, measurement accuracy is ±1.5°;

(3) Tool face angle: 0~360°; measurement accuracy is ±1.5°;

3. Inclinometer probe:

(1) Size: Φ 40×1600 mm;

(2) Weight: 7 kg;

4. Working environment of controlling case:

(1) Temperature: -10~50°C;

(2) Relative humidity: ≤85%;

5. Working environment of inclinometer probe:

(1) Temperature: 0~75°C;

(2) Pressure endured: ≤15 MPa;

6. Power supply: AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz;

7. Measurement mode: at fixed points; depth interval and quantity of measurement points can be preset at random

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