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Single Hydraulic Prop

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Product Details

Company Profile

Products discription

patented props of various kinds used for underground coal mining

Detailed products discription

 The single hydraulic prop our company produces has now formed four series, φ63, φ80, φ100, and φ110.

The cylinder and plunger has been treated by intermediate frequency quenching process. The plunger tube is processed by a rolling technology which is our company's patented technology with independent intellectual property rights. The workpiece which has been processed by rolling not only has small surface toughness, with Ra of 0.1-0.8μm, but also enjoys improved wear resistance, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance. In addition, the base, piston, top cover, handle, and return spring have undergoneelectrophoretic coating process, thus enjoying prolonged service life.

Our single hydraulic prop is a Famous Brand Product in Shandong Province.

Standard Compliant: MT112.1-2006

Technical Parameters

Item Rated working 
Rated operating 
hydraulic pressure
Stroke Base  
Working solution
Unit kN MPa kN MPa mm mm mm cm2 Emulsion containing
1% -2% M10 or MDT 
emulsified oil
DW06 300 38.2 118~157 15~20 630 480 150 109
DW08 800 573 227
DW10 1000 680 320
DW12 1200 787 413
DW14 1400 895 505
DW16 1600 1000 600
DW18 1800 1105 695
DW20 2000 1235 765
DW22 2240 1440 800
DW25 250 31.8 2500 1700
DW28 2800 2000
DW31.5 200 25.5 3150 2350
DW35 3500 2700

Note: The above produce models are for reference. You can contact us for more products and their information. We can also design and produce products according to the actual geological conditions of your colliery.

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Fredrich Wang