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  • FOB Price: 400.00-600.00
  • Port:Qingdao or
  • Minimum Order Quantity:4
  • Supply Ability:1000  per Month
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union

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Acoustic Cleaners (Sonic Horns) can be installed in either redundant steam soot blower portholes or other available hatches. Rather than wait until the end of each 8-hour shift before being operated as with soot blowers, sonic horns are 'sounded' for a few seconds at pre-determined intervals, thus preventing ash from building up in the first place. Therefore because ash is not allowed to reside on hot tube surfaces, it cannot sinter and become a permanent 'insulator'. This means that with Sonic Horns installed, thermal efficiency is increased and remember, sound waves 'envelop' the entire circumference of each tube without causing any damage to tube bundles or structures.

Detailed products discription

Technical Data:



Sound  intensity(db):Larger than140

Working Temperature:less than350C;
        H type:350C<t<650C

Working Pressure:0.3MPa~0.7MPa

Gas Consumption:1.5~3(m3/min)

Sound Wave Scope:D less than 6M, less than15Mdepends on model of the cleaners and the silo structure

Sound Material:Stainless Steel,diaphragm material for titanium alloy

Weight:less than 87Kgs

Ash removal device controller

Working Power:AC220V

Cleaning Time:1second~360s(optional)

Cleaning Cycle:1min~3600mins(optional)

Set timeover10years

Environmental temperature and humidity: 0 ~ 50C

Relative humidity :less than 95(non-condensing);

Electricity capacity: AC220V 5 a;

 Protection: IP64

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