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Sonic soot blower 10years experience

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Technical Data:
Frequency(HZ):75~280 (db):Larger than140
Working Temperature:less than350C
        H type:350C<t<650C
Working Pressure:0.3MPa~0.7MPa
Gas Consumption:1.5~3(m3/min)
Sound Wave Scope:D less than 6M, less than15Mdepends on model of the cleaners and the silo structure
Sound Material:Stainless Steel,diaphragm material for titanium alloy
Weight:less than 87Kgs
Ash removal device controller
Working Power:AC220V
Cleaning Time:1second~360s(optional)
Cleaning Cycle:1min~3600mins(optional)
Set timeover10years
Environmental temperature and humidity: 0 ~ 50C
 Relative humidity :less than 95(non-condensing);
Electricity capacity: AC220V 5 a;
 Protection: IP64

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