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berryclip 6led add-on DIY board for Banana Pi support Raspberry pi

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 berryclip 6led add-on 1.JPG


Due to technical requirements components, please do not hand directly connected
Touch. Core board and development system contains static-sensitive devices. Quiet Electrical charge easily accumulate in the human body and the device can not detect possible Damage to equipment, it is recommended to take anti-static measures, it is recommended not to hand. Touch, stored in anti-static effect devices.


Product Overview:

The module is designed specifically for learning control the GPIO of Banana Pi and DIY Player. Attention, the module is not the end product, you need weld them by yourself. There are 6 LED, 1 button and 1 Beep on the module; All of them can use the GPIO of Banana Pi to control. The beginner can learn the INPUT mode of GPIO through the key and learn the OUTPUT mode through the LED or Beep


 Weld Notice:

When you welding the module, you have to attention the Plus-n-Minus of LED and the Beep. The long pin is the Plus, you should weld it in the silk-screen write “+”! 


Don’t make the direction reversed. 


Produce Feature:

6 multicolor LED

1 single button on board

1 Beep on board



BananaPi 2X13 port


Product Parameters:

Working voltage: 3.3V

LED max current allow 8mA

Beep max current allow 12mA


Typical Application:

Hardware beginner learning



How to use:

Insert the BerryClip in the Banana Pi, Pay attention don’t make the direction reversed! The correct direction of insert module is above the Banana Pi’s PCB.




Setup the GPIO OUTPUT, Output LED High level, the LED will be lighten;

Setup the GPIO INPUT,press the button;

Test finish



Example and Test Code:

#include <wiringPi.h>

#include <pcf8574.h>


int LED1[]={7,0,3,12,13,14};

int i;


int initIO()










int LED()











int main()


    int val;






















berryclip 6led add-on 2.JPGberryclip 6led add-on 3.JPGberryclip 6led add-on 4.JPG


accessoirer line



technical support forum :
accessories website
BPI factory

Banana pi will attend the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition) 2014 in Hongkong



Banana pi will attend the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition) 2014 in Hongkong from 13/10 to 16/10, welcome to visit our Booth

Exhibition Name: HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition) 
Date:  13/10/2014 to 16/10/2014
Booth Number: 3C-A38
Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong

SinoVoip CO.,LTD, 




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