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Down Hole Camera,Mornitoring Camera ,Borehole Inspection Camera

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Down Hole Camera,Mornitoring Camera ,Borehole Inspection Camera

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Down Hole Camera,Mornitoring Camera ,Borehole Inspection Camera


Underground borehole camera (Underground Imaging System) is a high technology instrument for real time video image. It iswidely used in stratum structure divide. well wall stratum crack and any underground borehole condition.


360Underground Rotary Camera and Control Unit provides streaming video logging cable to 10,000 feet. The auto feature permits operators to easily use the camera between one or more winches of varying cable lengths. The real time video is observed and recorded by DVR.


Technical parameters:


1)Imaging chip:1/3”color CCD




3)Focusing: Manual Operation


4)Lighting unit: 11pcs high power lighting LED


5)Camera: overhead rotation 180º, level rotation 360°


6)130°wide-angle lens, wear-resisting sapphire viewfinder.


7)Measuring depth:100m2000m


1.Color rotation shot: 440,000 pixel sensitivity 1.5 Lux


2.Specification: High temperature resistance optical glass ball cover


Shell is special material for optics


3. Control panel: Special controlling panel Power: 12VDC±10%


8)Level: 360º rotation


Overhead:180 rotation


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Down Hole Camera Mornitoring Camera Borehole Inspection Camera 

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